Time To Deliver The Goods

This blog has no real focus at this point, but the goal is to post something regularly here. Again no promises at this point, but maybe you will get something from it.

Let me begin with a couple quick points. One is that my race is important to me. My bias is toward whites, if that makes me racist or whatever, it matters not to me. This does not mean that each individual is not judged on the basis of his or her own merits. Anyway this is a decent site on news pertaining to whites    http://www.whitepower.com

OK second, is that getting pussy is important. More on that later, but you need to be at least setting goals and trying to obtain them because even if you are not getting satisfaction, at least you will be less frustrated if you are chipping away at the problem. Sometimes a break is needed to cool your heels as chasing women is both frustrating and dangerous, but at least recognize that this part of your life needs to be dealt with.

Last, is that unless the comments on here are outright spam, none of the comments will be moderated.






Assload of Old Classic PUA Shit

Don’t piss your pants. It’s all legal.   PUA Routines

A good way to get the backstory of the PUA scene, if you are wondering about the Mystery Method for example. A lot of outdated cultural references and routines, but at the same time some are old enough to be little known such as the Who lies more men or women? opinion opener. Also most of the comfort stage routines such as palm reading and the cube. They are even used by some PUAs today. Wallawalla, commenter on the Chateau Heartiste blog, mentioned that he uses the Cube Routine, for example.

Some old Tyler Durden (Owen Cook?) material is in there. TD is pretty much the biggest thing going in game right now. **Update Krauser is now as of June 2016***Take a peek at what TD writes about on the subject of being congruent. The man is a deep thinker. I believe he was a philosophy major in college.

“It was difficult for me, because I’ve always been extremely conservative/rightwing/republican. I changed my image to include wild clothes that projected myself as a badboy sexual being. I started wearing clothes of a female sex fantasy, such as racecar jackets, industrial plat boots, bondage shit, spikey dyed hair, outrageous coolguy accessories, etc etc.”

“Acting the SAME in ALL situations is INCONSIDERATE to the people around you.” “And as with the boss at the job interview, you hope to eventually get to know your girl on a more “genuine” level, when the time is APPROPRIATE.”

In fact, just do a word search of “congruent.” May be worth your time, playa.

An article on Active Distinterest and how it does not equate to being asexual.

A bit of NLP in there, such as Ross Jefferies and anchoring techniques.

Great Mystery quote: Get the basics of approaching people down and once you discover you enjoy the game, you may decide to make your life congruent with your new hobby (as I have – performing artist).  I highly suggest becoming a comedian (amateur to start), a DJ (club or strip club), a hypnotist, a bartender, bouncer, etc. to live more congruently. It isn’t WHAT you do that is nearly as important as WHERE you do it. A job that forces you to interact with women is a very good thing.  Working in a morgue is not good.

Funny, but I would love to work in a morgue AND be a comedian-hypnotist, but hah that’s just me.