Monthly Archives: June 2016

Steady On

Stand strong men. Take courage. Face fear and laugh. Forsake not your brother in his hour of need. For there is no bond in the world stronger. KYPD


Time To Deliver The Goods

This blog has no real focus at this point, but the goal is to post something regularly here. Again no promises at this point, but maybe you will get something from it.

Let me begin with a couple quick points. One is that my race is important to me. My bias is toward whites, if that makes me racist or whatever, it matters not to me. This does not mean that each individual is not judged on the basis of his or her own merits. Anyway this is a decent site on news pertaining to whites

OK second, is that getting pussy is important. More on that later, but you need to be at least setting goals and trying to obtain them because even if you are not getting satisfaction, at least you will be less frustrated if you are chipping away at the problem. Sometimes a break is needed to cool your heels as chasing women is both frustrating and dangerous, but at least recognize that this part of your life needs to be dealt with.

Last, is that unless the comments on here are outright spam, none of the comments will be moderated.